The New York Marketing Landscape

Last month I went to DigiMarCon in New York. Wasn’t the best conference for getting new marketing insights, attended much better conferences back home, but it was great for meeting interesting people and getting a better feel of the New York marketing landscape. And, of course, couldn’t miss the chance to take a picture with the skyscrapers at night 🙂

That being said, New York is a special place for me and Inovagate. That’s why our cover photos are from Times Square.

Marketing services in New York are really expensive

From the many discussions I had with fellow marketers and with companies which work with digital marketing agencies, I found that for clients it’s actually hard to hire a good New York agency for less than $25,000. These are crazy figures for Europe but at least for some of the people in New York, this is the reality.

Although based in Romania, Inovagate works mostly with international clients so I see here a huge potential to tap into: Romanian prices vs. New York prices. But the price isn’t everything.

Is the marketing quality better or is it worse?

For that fee, you would expect premium quality or something new. It isn’t the case. The agencies in New York aren’t reinventing digital marketing nor do they have a secret ingredient.

I was surprised to find many companies disappointed by their local agencies for the lack of results. This is a surprise because I start from the exact results my client wants. Then reverse engineer the digital marketing approach to actually get that outcome. Most of the times we get really close.

But New Yorkers are just amazing

Let’s put marketing aside for a bit. New Yorkers are amazing people! They are really friendly and you just feel their good vibe. Wherever I went, from DigiMarCon to different marketing meetups, at Rockefeller Center, Trump Tower and so on, everybody was opened towards me and managed to have meaningful discussions.

Had lots of fun as well, most importantly made many friends that I’m still in contact today. So you get many opportunities to meet like-minded people.

How come New York is so abundant?

New York is striving. That’s why the marketing agencies are doing so well or why you get those good vibes from other people. New York was originally settled by the Dutch who pretty much invented trading companies and corporations. It soon went on an upward spiral of abundance as a well-situated major port and as a trading center.

Had a great start and a great context, but at the same time, had a big influx of highly motivated emigrants. Now, it’s really robust and all that prosperity tends to attract more prosperity.

To be honest, from all the places I visited till now, New York stays by far on the top of my list. It is a great place to be in or at least to visit and get some inspiration.

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