5 Ideas to Significantly Improve the Marketing of Your Hosting Company

Hosting is becoming more and more a commodity. So how do you tackle that?

Hi guys! I’m Matei from Inovagate, an international digital marketing agency based in Bucharest, Romania.

In this article, I’ll give you 5 ideas you can implement right now that will significantly improve the new customer signups for your hosting company. Plus differentiate you from the competition.

Make Hosting More Human

First one, make hosting more human. Meaning, associate it with things that people can actually relate with.

Here are some examples. When you say fast hosting use an image of a racing motorcycle on a track. When you say secure hosting, do the association with a vault. And so on. You can use this on your website and on your ads.

Less Developer & Technical Terms

Second, forget about all the developer and technical terms.

Instead of focusing on GB and CPU go with what the customer will actually get. For example, you can present your smallest package as being for companies that only need a small presentation website and don’t do any advertising or SEO.

100% uptime. Translate it to an easy to understand statement. The website will be live 100% of the time. You can expand further on this logic

Specific Approaches for Different Audiences

Third one. Have specific approaches for different segments of your audience.

You know that 15% of your clients are designers. Perfect. Have a landing page that focuses on designers and target them with it.

Offer a Freemium

Fourth. Try having a freemium and see what happens.

Many industries use freemium but not hosting companies. Then, many non-hosting companies give free hosting. Instagram basically offers free hosting for your images.

I see here a big potential and really encourage you to explore this idea. The right type of approach in this direction can hugely differentiate you in the marketplace.

Escape the Competition, Use Facebook Ads

Last but not least. Do Facebook ads! It is the most unexploited marketing channel for hosting companies right now.

Everybody wants to compete with GoDaddy and HostGator in the Google Searches but few companies take into consideration that all their potential clients are on Facebook.

That was it. Hope it brings value to your company. And if you want us to help you further just hit us with an email from our contact page.

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