Struggling With Advertising? Just Try This Campaign

Last week we organized the Digital Marketing Meetup for Business Owners. Here, business owners from different industries had the chance to receive advice and new ideas related to advertising and digital marketing.

At the same time, I presented one type of campaign that works for almost everyone, of course, if implemented correctly. And now I want to share it with you as well, but first I have a quote for you:

“There will always be people who like you and people who don’t. What’s important is to keep close the first and don’t bother about the rest.”

I guess you already know about Facebook and Google ads. The question is do you know about a specific subtype called retargeting or remarketing ads?

Retargeting Ads Are the Key

We are driving a lot of sales for our clients through Facebook retargeting ads. These are the ads that people who already visited your website will see on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and so on. There won’t be a better audience to show ads to than the people who already know about you and show a minimum interest by visiting your website.

But this insight is too broad and although I want to be short I also want to be really specific. Among many types of Facebook retargeting campaigns that we are doing right now, the best ones are those focused on social proof.

Add Social Proof to Ignite the Fire of Your Retargeting Ads

So what is social proof? Basically increasing your status, trust and so on by having other people that confirm it. What restaurant would you choose right now on the street? One that’s packed with people or one that has no one inside? The answer is obvious and the same psychological rules that apply in real life also apply online.

Here’s how a social proof ad would sound like: “We are so grateful for our 1000 happy customers that trust us to keep their websites secured since 2012. Check out what our customers say about us and sign up for service X today!”.

As you can see, in only one sentence you can have a couple of social proof elements:

  • 1000 customers
  • happy customers
  • trust us
  • since 2012

It can be any product or services here and many text approaches as well. But the image is also important, it can make a star from your ad or it can break it. Choosing the right picture is almost an art so I’ll approach this in another article.

The Right Landing Page for Social Proof

This add will take people to a landing page focused on testimonials. If you don’t have testimonials but have the reviews on Facebook or Google or on other platforms, you can screenshot and add them to the landing.

If you have comments or support replies you can do the same but in this case, make sure to blur the name and the picture. Always have GDPR in mind.

The Logic of Retargeting Ads Focused on Social Proof

Basically, we deliver ads to people who already like you because they visited your website and now we show them that other people like you as well. So in the process, we make them like you even more and push them towards a sale.

Does it make sense? It’s just like in dating. You want to first put your focus on the person that already likes you and see how things are going. Then, if you have cool or attractive friends who hang out with you, this will be a confirmation for the possible partner that you are a good catch. So, in the end, the possible partner will like you even more.

I’ll stop here because now you have all the info to expand further on this or ask someone who’s doing advertising to implement it for you.

Hope this helps, make sure you follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.

And if you’re interested in getting my help you can book a paid email or Skype consulting, hire us to run the ads for you, or preorder at a special price my advertising book that will be published at the beginning of next year.

Wish you the best!

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